Out of State Renovation

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Hi BiggerPockets Community,

I'm a newbie and need some advise from the community. I'm from California and I purchased an duplex rental property in Indianapolis that need some renovation. I never done an out of state renovation before and not sure what approach is best to take in this scenario; One of the unit is renovated and is ready to be rented out however the other unit need quite a bit of work in order to get it ready to be rented out.  I'm planning on using a property manager company to manage the rental but not sure if the property manager can assist by letting the contractor worker into the duplex and ensuring it is locked up afterward?

Also if anyone have reference a good contractor in Indianapolis, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Steve 

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@Steve Do hi Steve! Congrats on the duplex. Shoot me a message, I would love to help on rehab recommendations and overall strategy for your duplex.

Hi Steve, I'm originally from California but I have started my real estate journey here in Indianapolis. I'm a flipper myself. I would love to share my experiences and chat you more if you're interested.