How close do you get to your tenants?

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Hi folks, I've seen some posts that talk about business cards being made up once you acquire a property, to hand to your tenants. Some landlords prefer to engage more with their tenants, some even on a first name basis. Others prefer more distance and will not disclose their true identity to their tenants. If they go in person to the property, they'll say they're the property manager. I know we live in a very litigious society, so what are your thoughts on how close you get to your tenants? With a PM of course.

Me, not at all. I prefer to be very removed. I'm in this business to own property, not to manage it :)

Our office managers, however - very much encouraged. I've found that when our office managers have at least some relationship with the tenants, things go much more smoothly.

I thought I had a fairly distant relationship 

 Then 2 weeks ago I receive a text from a tenant I had to evict a year ago for nonpayment 

They right out ask for my home address.  ?!?!

Turns out they were sending me an invitation to their wedding. 😀

Maybe I just try to play the grouchy tough landlord lol

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6 feet. :)

Anyone who thinks the tenants won't find out they are the owner, unless they own a lot of buildings in multi-person owned business or LLCs, is kidding themselves. You have to have a good enough relationship with them so they let you know when there is water or fire, but distance enough that they don't ask you how to change a lightbulb.

Hi @Rodney Lorenzo ,  I would recommend not to be friends or close to your tenants but I am not against it as well. What you can do is to maintain a professional relationship and act like a friend once-in-a-while, since property is your business.

I'm friendly with my tenants but I keep it professional. I keep a positive attitude around them, will chat about repairs or work I'm doing on the property and keep conversation general; I don't pry into their personal lives or try to be their pal. 

My tenants would likely refer to me as a nice guy who is boring but has pride in each property I own and cares about providing a quiet, safe place for them to live, which is ideally how I want to be perceived by them.