Referral request: Real estate specialty CPA in TX

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Hi BP community - Would anyone like to share a recommendation for a CPA who specializes in real estate. We're Dallas, Texas based investors so local to our area would be great. If not, how did you find your CPA?  

@Amy George when looking for a CPA they will all claim to be experienced with real estate investment businesses. But find one's that have performed cost segregation studies with regards to real estate. In short, its accelerated depreciation of real estate assets. You can search the internet to get a more detailed explanation. But if the CPA your interviewing can do this then you know your in good hands. Its just one of those differentiator questions to ask. By way of info my CPA is not taking on new clients at this time. But he does cost segregation studies on a regular basis for his clients.

Hi Amy - this should help.

re:Real Estate Knowledgeable CPA Referrals

I have 2 in Dallas that I highly recommend. I work with a boutique cost segregation firm. When we have completed our clients studies, here are two competent CPA's we refer to specifically because they are well-versed in working with real estate clients and know how to leverage their clients' cost segregation studies.

1- Jessica Green, CPA, Green Tax & Business Advisors, 214-561-0474


2 -Sameer Bahati, CPA, B&W Group, 972-763-2499,

Hope this helps!!

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