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Hi Friends!

After a long few years of wanting to get into real estate investing and never pulling the trigger, my husband and I are finally ready to take action. We live in Austin and are looking at buying a rental property in Temple, TX. I would love to connect with others who are investing in the area, as well as any recommendations for realtors, handymans, etc. I have already checked out the realtors page here on BP, but would love recommendations and advice from people who have actually bought/invested or sell in the Temple area. 

Thanks and I look forward to talking with some of you!

@Alyssa Markowitz I own a couple rentals in Temple that I bought in the last year or so. I definitely recommend Isaac at real star properties for the property management. They're the biggest game in town and the best. They can tell you something about every single little pocket neighborhood there because they manage so many properties. And for a realtor I would recommend Ara McGregor +1 972-989-2057. She helped me buy both properties, and one of them was an off market deal that she hustled to get me for below market price. Good luck! I think Temple is an excellent place to invest.

@Alyssa Markowitz I have two rental properties in Temple and it's a great market in central Texas. We have one under contract right now. The rent to price ratio still works and rental demand has been solid. Harker Heights is also a great sub-market to Killeen that has good quality homes and solid tenants. Happy to connect if you want to chat about the region.

Marko Rubel
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@Ryan Kelly Glad to hear that, those are definitely some of the big reasons that we are interested, seems like with Scott & White hospital and the military base nearby there would be a good tenant base. The price of entry is much lower than here in Austin and price to rental income ratio is a lot better! I would definitely be interesting talking with you some more about the area, I’ll message you.


@Alyssa Markowitz I live in Killeen right now, but I have worked at Scott & White for the last 3-4 yr as a nurse. I have a house in Temple that is being remodeled and just got a house in Belton. I would love to connect with you and your husband. 

@Ryan Kelly , @Jill Addison I would also love to connect with yall and hear what all you are doing in the area.