Moved to Savannah, GA, new to real estate investing

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I moved from CO to GA. I am currently a nurse practitioner. The local REIA group appears to not be meeting. Any suggestions? I would like to buy something soon but just not sure how to start. Was considering a real estate license, any thoughts or ideas?


Call Anthony (Tony) D’Aguillo at Seaport Realty


And tell him Mike Thompson sent you.

He and several of his friends are West Point grads who do a little group REI on the side. They can help connect you to some folks in the area who might be able to help.

I’m a Navy dude, so it takes a lot for me to stomach referrals to them… but they’re good dudes.

if you have trouble connecting with them, let me know.

@Mike Thompson definitely a bummer all of the west pointers have somewhat taken over the Savannah real estate scene, haha. @Lolita Hanks join the two Savannah real estate investors facebook pages, you'll quickly see who is active and serious in the area.

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