How to start investing with no money

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in the middle of that link you will see "The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down".  Start here, but read/listen to everything else on this list (personally I Audible everything), and everything else you can get hold of, and then everything on this site, the BiggerPockets podcast, and get involved in discussions here.  If your interested in investing, the first step is to learn everything you can about it so that when the time comes you have a lot of options for whats called Creative Financing.  Once you have figured out your strategy then start looking at opportunities for investments and running numbers.

It really depends on how much effort you want to put in to this. The reality is, if you have NO money, you will need to work, and work hard. The only viable option for investing with no money is to dig up off market deals where you can do some form of owner carry. Those deals don't just drop in your lap, the are created. You'll have to reach out to potential sellers yourself, negotiate deals that make sense for all parties and have a thorough enough understanding of the process that you can help the seller see the benefits. 

Totally possible and LOTS of people do this, but you'll definitley need to put in the hours. 

Best of luck!

Hi @Christian Peterson , try to check this link: https://www.noradarealestate.c... and read the article.

Hope it will give you an idea with your question.


Pay off debts, and Save $. Get enough for the 3-5% down payment, and HOUSE HACK. Execute and live your life like a king, after repeating a couple times :)

What enabled me to get started in this business was learning and then utilizing various types of lease options.  I specifically used a strategy called a cooperative assignment.  Done correctly they are risk free and require all of $5 out of pocket.

@Christian Peterson Doable but tough. You could househack and find a lender that can get you on a downpayment assistance plan. Basically they loan you the downpayment and then when you sell the house you have to give it back. They don't charge any interest though! The closing costs are usually more expensive. 7k+ so you do have to have some cash. 

House hacking is an incredible way though to cut down on expenses (live for free) by renting the rooms to other people. Often times you can make money on top of living for free. Its a fantastic way to get started. 

For resources I really like the following House Hacking episodes on Bigger Pockets Podcast: #352, #252, #350, and #249. Also Craig Curelop's book on House Hacking is also a great resource. 

Syndication is definitely not a no money down strategy. There are hefty costs to cover before you can raise a dime from investors. As others have said, there are ways to invest in real estate with no money down but you have to make up the difference in hard work.

@Christian Peterson

Join a community that’s buying and selling this way. It’s called creative financing. Look into SMART REAL ESTATE COACH. Tell them I sent you so I can get a referral fee. Plus they’ll send you a book for free. That’s priceless. Happy thanksgiving hope that helps.

@Christian Peterson

You could start wholesaling though there will be some start up and marketing costs. It’ll also take a lot of time and effort. After several profitable wholesale deals, you would then have money to invest.

You could also get a private investor to fund your deals.

You can definitely do either!


There are a lot of gurus that make it sound like investing with no money down is easy. Although it is doable, it's tough to make it happen. Seller financing is likely your easiest route to get into a deal with no money down. Syndication can provide the opportunity to get into a deal with no money down. But to syndicate a deal you generally need some prior or experience or partners that have the experience because you will be going after larger deals. The most feasible option is finding a duplex to house hack using an FHA loan. 3.5% down you can get into a decent duplex for under $10K.

The way I started was Finding a deal, then bringing it to a experienced real estate investor.

The first step is to network with as many flippers as you possibly can. Many people say take someone out to lunch or go to REIA meetups, but I did none of these things. Instead, I networked in the different Facebook groups centered around real estate for my area. After commenting, messaging and friend requesting so many times, I had built a online relationship with many investors.

Then, I focused on how to find deals. You can find out how to find deals and how to do the numbers on them to make sure it's actually a "deal" by looking at the YouTube channel, Wholesaling Inc or Brent Daniels TTP. They give you the step by step process of completing real estate transactions for FREE. Can't believe they put out their content for free. Their podcast is extremely helpful too-- very technical (step by step) and to the point.

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I am interested investing and was wondering what are the different ways to invest with no money. I know you could crowd fund and syndicate but how would one person get started when trying those possibilities?

 You start investing in your most gifted asset….Your brain. Start studying and reading as if it was your full-time job.