Columbus, OH analysis help

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Hi everyone!

I am a rookie investor looking to purchase a buy and hold property in Columbus, OH area. There is a specific property in South Linden that I am considering but would love to get some insight from more experienced investors in the area. This property is a duplex in South Linden. Approx. 2024 sqft. 2 bed 1 bath each unit. water is not sub-metered.

I found that rent was on average $850. What are others getting for a 2 bed 1 bath in South Linden?

What is the average cost of water and home insurance? for the sake of analysis I used $250/month for water and $700/ annually for insurance.

Since the water is not separately metered, can I charge the tenants a small fee for water?

If anyone got their property sub-metered, how much did it cost?

I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some insight. Thank you in advance!!

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