List of auction and related sites - what am I missing

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Please let me know if I am missing any resources here (outside of mls) for REO and related?

I also pull up foreclosureradar and craigslist as a part of my daily routine. What other good sources am I missing?

So I'm no pro like a lot of other Bp ers. However one thing I have learned from the BP podcast is to tell everyone you know that you are looking to buy a house or a 2nd house. Most likely you have a good sized group of people in your life so spread the word and put them to work.

Best of luck.

@Scott - Thats the best advise you can give. This is where lots of new properties will come from with your circle of friends and family

Thanks guys. Any auction or related sites that I am missing? I am wondering if there are any REO sites that don't list on MLS I might not be keeping tabs on.

@John D. you might also want to check out 'bid 4 assets'.com (no spaces)

Best of Luck!

I would say be careful with the above as basic search on google gave more scam complaints than site references. Although there are bad cases for a lot of sites just research first**********com-c208016.html

thanks @justin!

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