REO question after closing

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I recently purchased a REO off and closed on the deal, everything is in my name. Prior to closing my attorney caught a mistake on the closing statement and mentioned it to the sellers attorney and they didnt want to fix the mistake. Thus me benefiting $2,500's as the amount on the common charges for the townhome was over estimated. My attorney called me a few weeks after closing and said I have to pay the $2,500. Am I legally responsible to pay for this as it was a mistake on the sellers side and it's in my name?

I think you need to provide a little more details and/or context. When you say "common charges" are you talking about the HOA, or closing costs or what? Also, what kind of mistake....on the settllement statement or on an addendum or contract page?

I think if you shed some more light on the actual issue, there may be a way to better shed some light on a possible solution.

Yes. One of the documents you sign at closing says you will rectify any mistakes made, including returning money you weren’t supposed to get.

Thanks all for the information! I ended up paying the difference.

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