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HELP! I've been trying to figure out how to locate a contact for a property in my farm area that was a VA foreclosure. It's been vacant for quite a while and is boarded up. A real eye-sore on the block. Problem is I can't find a contact to determine how to purchase the property! Anyone have any ideas where I can go to find out how to buy this government-owned ugly house?

Hello Jim,

Texas has a veterans land board (VLB) which I am a member/preferred broker.  #1 suggestion would be to find out if the land board was involved in the transaction at all.  Maybe a longshot however they would be able to get you information on future sales and/or auctions.  #2 Get real close and look for small phone numbers on the postings, numbers to report vandalism, repairs, theft, etc etc. they may be able to lead you in the right direction. #3 Call the nearest real estate office give them the address and see if they would assist you or send you the data, that would then lead you to the listing company.  If the listing company doesn't have any info on it that might mean it just hasn't made it on the market but is coming soon! I hope that helps some.

Thanks, @Nate Perry  . I'll check and see if there's a Land Board here in KS. I've already reached out to a realtor contact I have and am awaiting a reply from her. The thing's been vacant and boarded up for quite some time. I think the foreclosure was a couple of years ago. The thing has over $20k in back property taxes! With that in mind I'm thinking I wouldn't touch it for more than $20k anyway but then I have no idea what the inside looks like. Oh well. I'll pursue the lead until I find out if it's a "Deal...or No Deal". :)

check the title, if it is owned by government leave it alone...all you can do is to keep a track on it, until they sell list it..In some areas you can have the Agent to put an alert on that address the second it comes in to the MLS you get an email. but generally...HUD or VA will not give you any info.

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