​Respond to HUD’s Counter Offers

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Yesterday, I got a counter offer from HUD for $103,275.00 I beat the counter by $1.99 making my offer $103.276.99. Today, I was expecting to see that I won the bid and get an acceptance. However, instead I get another counter offer for the same amount as the day before of $103,275.00 Why did this happen? Am i suppose to add the Listing Agents commissions to my final bid which would be $3,098.31 making my offer a grand total of $106,373.31.

* I don't ask for Buyers commission since I am the Broker and bidding for myself. 

Any suggestions?

When you make your offer pay attention to the number totals on the right side.

Don't go by your offer... go by the BOTTOM number, which is the "net to HUD:.

THAT number has to be at least $ 103,275.

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