List of Agents with Locations for Referrals etc.

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If you read my other post you know that I passed the Florida Real Estate Exam last week and am eager to get started. I am still in the process of trying to figure out what broker I am going with but, I got to thinking today it would be nice to start a list with locations of all the real estate agents on here.

Maybe there is something similar on her but I haven't found it. I figured we could start a list that list each realtor with their State, City,(or area) that they sell in. I know I come in contact with a lot of people that are moving from this area all the time(partly because we own a moving company) and I'm sure that I will only meet more when I start selling.

Anyways I thought we could all help each other out with it to get referrals and help each other out while helping our clients. Please share your thoughts.

I like it. I don't believe there is a list on here like that. Maybe you could start one. I'm thinking maybe the marketplace is prolly the most appropriate place for it.

Hi James and Tyler, I'd be interested in participating as well. I was about to email the mods to see if we could start a Real Estate Agent - Referral Thread.

I know some of my clients are interested in out of the area deals and this would definitely be a helpful resource.

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@Josh Dorkin, how about it? A "Referral Exchange" would be great! I sometimes need a good agent out of my area for a client who is moving, or I get a request from one of my colleagues looking for a good agent in XYZ City. I, too, have taken referrals, closed deals, sent a nice referral fee back to the originating agent. Would love more of this action!

I thought the pro level gave the ability to search on zip code which gave members the same result as local list.(I'm not pro yet)