how's the real estate market in mn

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I'm thinking of getting my real estate license in minnesota, and I'm curious if it's a good idea b/c of the inventory being low? Are there a lot properties out there to flip or rentals w/ decent cash flow and returns left?

I see myself more as a buyer's agent. I currently have 2 investors that have a good deal of capital to invest either in flips, rentals, or commercial and looking to purchase. I'd be interested in collaborating w/ an experienced investor agent in the area.

I live in Minnesota and right now there isn't much that ready to be rented that would give you high cash flow or come close to the 2% rule unless you go into poorer neigborhoods.

I don't think the market's as hot as it was last year, but inventory is still low. If you look hard enough, there are always properties available to flip. As always, location is important. You just have to define your criteria and run the #s to see if you can find properties that make sense for you. I'll say this - for me, the criteria I used 3-4 years ago just don't work anymore. I've had to look at different types of properties to get the returns I'm looking for, but these properties don't have all the other qualities I had been looking for earlier.

@Alan Mackenthun In your opinion, currently, what locations are good for flipping? Could you elaborate more on what different types of properties you are looking at these days and what qualities are missing from before? Also, what could one expect for ROI in this market?

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