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Hi Maria,

First define who your target audience is.

In your profile it says residential real estate agent. Is that what you want to be and are interested in is residential??

If so you write that down as a path you want to take. Next you need to analyze what TYPE of residential you want to focus on. Look at the area you live in and see what properties are most in demand. Is it condo's, oceanfront property, lakefront, single family homes in a golf course etc.??

Then see what price point is moving best and focus on targeting those ranges for buyers and listings.

If you want to work with investors on residential that is a whole other approach.

Good Luck

On your business card, walk, talk and hand them out in your farm area.

Next is you sign on your car, but only if you're a good driver.

Homes magazine has good results. :)

If you want to focus on investors, go to the REIA groups. I'd also recommend reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller.

@Maria Kazak

Another thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is to market yourself to others on your team, i.e. mortgage lenders, escrow servicers (title), home inspectors, etc. These are the people you need in your circles anyway. Interact with them and get your face out there in the community. Be visible and professional.


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@Maria Kazak - One of the best places to advertise yourself is with every ad that you place advertising your listings. Testimonials are great for this. For example, put ad ad on Craigslist with one of your listings. At the bottom of the ad, put your contact info and a testimonial about yourself.

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