California Sales Agent & New York Broker

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Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience and knowledge in regards to what to do when moving to New York with a California sales agent license?

Meaning, would I have to take the New York sales agent license exam or can the California one simply be transferred? Or is there something else that I haven't thought of, yet?

Thank you!


Thanks, @Joel Owens I was browsing the web, too, but couldn't find anything that gave me a clear answer either. Depending on additional responses, as you said, it may just be best to call them directly. Thank you!


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In NY you unfortunately have to take salesperson course then exam. I have a MD license, through reciprocity obtained my DC license. (just had to pass law portion) In NY had to take course. I am unaware of what your goal is but once you received your salesperson license and need a brokers license for property management(example) you don't have to wait the 2-3years to take exam if you had a real estate business elsewhere. I would recommend rather than Also just a heads up don't hesitate to schedule the exam as soon as you begin class. Long wait! Much success to you

NY has reciprocity with 9 States and unfortunately CA is not one of them. So you do have to go through with the 75 hour course and pass the State exam.

Thank you all for your responses.

@Jonathan Marcus Thanks for the info and link. I read about the reciprocity part and it's definitely a bummer. I'll just call them tomorrow and get to the bottom of this. As you're in NY, I'll send you a PM in regards to a different topic in a moment.