Setting up an expired list for investor

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I have been sending my investor a list of expireds through email but he told me he wanted them in excel so he could set up a mass mail campaign. So what I'm doing is manually typing the addresses in and names of the owners in the spreadsheet and I was wondering if there was a quicker way of doing this?

@Omar Gutierrez My question would be why are you taking information from your MLS and sending it to your client, and what information are you passing along?

What you are doing is unethical. If he is interested in purchasing property, why aren't you contacting the property owners yourself? You obtained that information by belonging to your MLS because you are a licensed agent. Your client isn't. In many areas that's against the law.

WHOA! The last thing I want to be is unethical. So emailing him an expired list is illegal? All I'm sending him are addresses and the Home owners name.

How would it be any different then going to something like list source and mailing to those names and addresses? Names and addresses can be obtained through county records as well

@Omar Gutierrez

You should get with your broker or contact your local realtor association for this answer. I have received expired listings from agents in the past which come as an auto email just like regular listings. I never asked them to export to another format such as excel. You probably should not be giving out the owner's name. I believe on the expireds I receive is just the property address and information. Ask the question and ensure what you are doing is in bounds, if not correct it, seems like a honest mistake, but you have to clean it up.

thanks Tyrus! And yea I'm going to contact my broker and ask them if what I'm sending my investor is ethical or not. I DO NOT want to risk my license or my reputation on a mistake I can correct. This is my first time working with an investor so you live and learn!

@Omar Gutierrez

Are you sure he's a real "investor" or a flipper wannabe. Some people promote expireds as a good lead source, but they didn't sell because they were over priced...period. With no motivation for 6-12 mo.s I don't bank on them suddenly becoming motivated. Of course, this wouldn't be the first good bus I missed.

Anyone who is asking for expired listings in excel format is not a real "investor". Sounds like this is some wholesaler who it just trying to put together a post card campaign. He will probably never buy a house from you and will just waste your time.

Why isn't he buying from you?

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