Online MLS Training?

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Can anyone suggest a good online MLS training course for a new agent?

Each MLS is different and most interfaces (portals to access the MLS) keep changing all the time, features are added/moved/eliminated...etc

I think the best training is spending some time expolring every nook and cranny of whatever MLS you have access to. Hope this helps

Your real estate board should offer guidance and training ask them if they have scheduled training if that doesn't happen your broker should assist you.

I'm in Ohio, does anyone know, is there any way to get my real estate licence here without putting in the time, working under an existing realtor.

@trevor rutherford In ohio you have to work under a broker unless you become one! no you don't have to work under anther agent when you are a new agent unless the broker you pick makes you. that might be something to ask them when you interview with them tho.

Originally posted by @Trevor Rutherford :
I'm in Ohio, does anyone know, is there any way to get my real estate licence here without putting in the time, working under an existing realtor.

I'm confused by your question.

You do not need to work under another Realtor to become licensed in Ohio.

You do need to work your 1st 2 years & 40 transaction sides at an existing brokerage before you are allowed to open your own brokerage.

Is that what you are referring too?

@James Wise When you say, work your 1st 2 years & 40 transaction sides, "at," an existing brokerage. Does that mean you have to physically go there and put in time aside from going out in the field?

@James Wise I understand carrying the brokers name in the beginning. But I don't have the time to put in a day or a half, "at their office." If that clears things up.

Office time requirements will be dependent on the brokerage.

But in short yes you can find a broker who will not make you spend any time in their office.

After being licensed for 2 years & completing 40 transaction sides you can open up your own brokerage.

@Trevor Rutherford - Nobody is going to make you "work" at all at most brokerages. The point is that you have to be under the supervision of a broker. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to "work". Being a Realtor is not a "job". If you think of it with that mentality, you will fail at it.

@Bryan L. The point I'm trying to make, is that I own 4 rentals that I manage myself and nobody made me do it, I did myself. I have heard that other people get their real estate licence solely to access the MLS and find better deals quicker. That is something I would like to be able to do, but I am to busy to, "put in the time at someone's office under their physical supervision if that makes any sense to you.

@Trevor Rutherford - That's what I was trying to say. Many brokerage firms do not care at all about whether you do any Realtor work at all. But, if you do, it has to be under the "supervision" of the broker. That simply means that the broker has to make sure that you are obeying all of the rules, laws, and ethics. It does NOT mean that you have to clock-in at the office or anything like that.

Most brokerages have what's called "floor-duty" or "desk-duty" or "phone-duty". This is where you are in the office for a few hours and you "get" to be the one answering the phones and meeting with people who walk-in. In the bigger firms, one usually has to "earn" this coveted honor. You typically don't have to do it if you don't want to. Stay away from firms that might require you to do floor duty.

Sum up: Being a Realtor is not a "job". No one is going to tell you what to do or how much time to spend doing it. You will have to obey the laws. For example, you will have to keep your E&O insurance up to date even if you do no Realtor work, and you will have to keep your continuing ed up to date.

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