Benefits of Being a Real Estate Agent in Ontario, Canada

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Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about getting my real estate license solely for the purpose of my own research and not to buy/sell for clients. Would love to hear from more experienced investors in Ontario or Canada what their opinion is. What are the advantages/disadvantages?

On the BP podcast there have been few investors that recommended getting a license; but maybe there is a difference between the US and Ontario, Canada?

Looking forward to all your comments.

I've always found the Canadian market very hard for investors to dig for information compared to the United States. When I was mainly investing in the Canadian market I had to have a bunch of agents to get information for me since there wasn't many websites I could use to find comps of sales, rents etc. The main reason why I would need a few is most agents are obviously busy and I tend to overwhelm them and I needed to use a few.

But on the US side of things, the US market is very open and have many websites that an active investors can use for pretty good information. Obviously I still have agents but don't need to reply on them as much compared to the Canadian market.

I was going to get my license for my own personal purpose and also always have investors calling me for referrals of agents. Just don't want to create another job for myself. Maybe in the future tho I might get around to it.

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