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Does anyone know, I'm in Ohio. Is there any way to get your real estate licence with having to put in the time working under someone?

Google your state licensing laws, but generally you have to get your license first, then place it under a broker to become active.

In Ohio you can complete the four required classes without being affiliated with a broker. But once you're ready to schedule the exam, you have to be sponsored by a broker.

I 've completed 2 of the 4 classes and have yet to decide which broker to work with. From the brokers that I've met with, it seems that there are distinct differences among them. Their expectations and requirements of you vary quite a bit as do their commission splits and fee structures.

You'll be interviewing them, just as much as they are interviewing you.

Good luck!

To have a active license yes you have to work "under" a broker but you do not have to work with anther agent. As a agent you are a independent contractor you make your own deals and work when you want. your broker can give you certain rules to fallow but most everything is left up to you as a independent agent. perfect example when i go to a listing appointment my brokers general rule is we will not accept anything under 5% commission. On the other hand i know agent that will charge 7% because they feel that they are that good! I hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to inbox me!

This is a good post.

I just recently found out that you can't legitimately run a property management company in Ohio unless you have a real estate license or work under a broker.

Still need to research as to how long it takes to get a brokers license.

Thanks and have a great day.

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