What is a good online school to get my real estate license?

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Great question!

I'm also curious if there are any sites and if you know if those sites have state restrictions in which you may only test for.

I'm looking for a recommendation as well. Looking to get my NV license, then CA after that. I am tired of having to schedule with a realtor to look at a place. Hope someone knowledgeable chimes in!

I would recommend WWW.onlineed.com. They have state specific licensee courses and ongoing training. I am not sure if they provide training for every state, but you can check to see if they have course work for the state you are interested in being licensed in.

Yes, I got my license through there and take my required hours of continued education from them. Taking the classes in person at a school are probably the best way to go, but if you don't have a class near you or you don't have the time to dedicate to a full time class then the online courses are good for that. The online ed classes have a moderator that you can call or e-mail with any questions you have about the course work and a through practice test. I didn't have any problem passing the exam after finishing my coursework.

I took my classes at a local University, University of Texas Arlington. They ended up being the cheapest option and the classes were fine. Cost was 540 including review class for the test. UT Austin offered classes as well but more expensive. I'd look into local schools that offered classes as well depending on your state.

I actually WOULD NOT recommend the online option for acquiring a real estate license. Having done it in the classroom in Texas and online for my Florida license I can attest to the value of the interaction with the instructor and other students. Most schools cater to working people with bizarre schedules. Here in Austin there are a couple of schools who offer regular day classes, nights, weekends or a combination of each. It's really whatever you can make work. Good luck with your chosen course of study!

@Jarrod Weaver Unfortunately for me in-person is just impossible, I am constantly in motion between 3 different cities and can't determine in advance when I'll be where.

@Derek Faller Thanks for the reco, i just signed up at onlineed.com, looks pretty straightforward.

Hey Alex, if you want online the best value I found was realestateexpress.com they have 3 different packages I belive with the base classes starting somewhere around $410, I went with the middle package ($520ish) which includes exam prep, some additional e-books and a "guaranteed pass" on the state exam. So far I have no complaints. I hear the champions program is really great, but I don't think I'd spend the extra cash unless you can actually attend the live classes. They have a "campus" here in SA. Also look into allied business schools, I'm not sure how their pricing is, I've heard many here say it was a good deal, I used them for my appraisal courses a few years ago and it was $1400, which seems high.

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I took my classes through Allied online schools and passed the exam my first try. I paid for the books and the exam cram DVD. The DVD was very helpful for review before the exam. My husband is currently doing the classes through Allied and also likes them. They are inexpensive and comprehensive.

Best of luck!