Started my online Real Eastate courese today

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So, I decided to take the advice of J Scott and others here on BP and go ahead and get my real estate license. Ive been working with a budget of about $100k looking for investment properties, without much luck. Im sure theyre out the, but I figured I'd slow down learn my market, stack some more cash, and in the meantime get my license. It'll be nice to not have to rely on an agent to show me properties. Im constantly on the road in south Texas and Id love to be able to pull into a neighborhood and scout out potential farming areas. Ive enrolled with Champion School of Real Estate and starting Real Estate Principles I today!!

Best of luck @Dusty Warner ! NC doesn't have an online option so I'll be curious how it works out for folks who can go that route. I'd love that flexibility but not sure I have the discipline to work independently.

Thanks Matt!! After reviewing my post I realize I murdered the "Real Estate Course" lol. Don't judge me!!

How goes it Dusty?  I finished the online tests back in May but only took the license exams yesterday. I finally just scheduled the test to make myself study in a more disciplined fashion.  Passed both. National was pretty easy but I wasn't as well prepared for the state test.  Maybe my study guide was out of date:)

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