My First Listing Appoinment! Any Tips??

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Ok I am very excited I got my first listing appointment. What should expect? I have been cold calling FSbos and Door Knocking, but usually when I do I exclude mobile homes, so today I called and the seller is selling her Father’s House and she say it is a mobile home, now I continue the conversation, she ask me am I realtor and I said yes, she said we need to sell our home and Father’s home can you help us? I said sure, what I learn from this is never exclude anything, it could be your next lead. I was the first agent to call her. What to expect guys, I am preparing my presentation. Any Tips will help

@Jordan L. Show up with CMA's for each, your marketing strategy, and a brokerage agreement.

Just go a break the ice, unless you know what to expect you can't really do accurate comps. Be prepared for an unreasonable price, FSBOs are usually overpriced. It takes comps to make them see the light. Find the motivation, why they are selling. Check it out, be careful too.

Which reminds me, being an attractive lady, you need company with you going out in a rural area, crooks and worse advertise vacant properties as FSBOs knowing a buyer and especially a Realtor will show up, and bang, you're robed, rolled or worse, so take company, the company stays in the car in ear shot of you at all times, they can stay safe and call 911 then assist if they can. Bad guys can be women, men or both! This goes for all ladies working RE, and tell people where you're going.

If you have an idea of the subject, take plenty of comps and you can show them as necessary.

Don't forget all the listing agreements and related docs. Don't forget two pens! Have a sign.

You mission is to get the listing, but if it's a listing worth working, that's up to you, some places you just can't sell and walk off with a reputation.

Good luck! :)

Both Bill & Brie have great points; I especially like Bill's safety tips (definitely good to keep in mind as you're often meeting strangers on private property). Perhaps take a friend with you inside and introduce them as your "assistant".

When the seller invites you into the house ask if they could show you around.  Then start asking questions about the house.

Talk more about the house and less about your company.  When I go on listing appointments I rarely ever talk about the company (no seller cares about the company).  It's all about them and their house!

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