Investor wanting to get licensed in Ohio

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Our LLC has purchased eight single family houses using an outside buyers agent. My partner is ready to get licensed himself. We are doing this to gain access to the mls, expedite our offers, and of course save money on commission fees. We live in Cincinnati Ohio. He has taken the courses needed. We now are look for a brokerage that is open to working with investors. Does anyone have a suggestion on a brokerage that may fit?
What can we expect to see as the commission split between broker and agent?

i can no speak for cinnci, but most new agent around columbus start around 60/40. but remember your a sales man sell your self to the broker and get a higher rate :) that would be my suggestion!

I had made a note of previous recommendation on BP for Overland Realty, which has a flat fee per sale pricing. Seems like a better bet unless you are doing a lot of volume.

Here in AZ we have HomeSmart, my wife an I are agents with them primarily due to low fees. They charge @$300 per transaction and some quarterly fees as well. Overall one of the better deal we have found.

Ask around, I would think you could find something similar in your area.

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