Real Estate Express Online School in CA

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Anyone recently take the Real Estate Express Online School for their CA Salesperson Exam? I am wondering how its Exam Prep Master compares to the real State Exam.

Hi @James Lee , I can't answer your question directly. However, I am currently using the Real Estate Express Online school for my license in Texas. According to the Texas Real Estate Commission it has one of the highest pass rates (over 85%) with over 526 people who have used the course. The course is user friendly, entirely online, and broken down well. So far I would recommend it. Hope that helps.

On here it goes by the name "AMERICAN SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE EXPRESS"

Hey James, did you end up using Express? Any advice for someone looking to get licensed?

Hi Russell,

I used Real Estate Express but its exam prep is much easier than the actual State Exam. I feel that I barely passed only because I had other more difficult questions to study with that was not part of Real Estate Express. Send me your email address and I will email you some study material if you like.  

Hello James,

Did you purchase Kathy Kennebrook program and if so why did you want to return it ?

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