Where do I find a good real estate agent?

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Anyone have some good advice about where to get started finding a quality real estate agent to help with investments?

Even if you could just tell me how you found the agent you are working with, it could help me with some ideas to find one to work with.

I'm looking to speak with a couple of agents and just need to start searching.

Thank you.

Hi Stephen, 

Are you looking for Rock Hill, or other area? 


Definitely Rock Hill as well as surrounding areas

Hey Stephen, Have you tried your local REIA Club. You can also try your local BNI. In Michigan it's BNI-MI.com, I'm not sure what it is in South Carolina.

Thanks, Al. I'll look to connect with those communities.

@Stephen Dickey I belong to a loca REIA in Rock Hill. Just joined them two months ago. We meet First Thursday every month on the top floor of McHales in downtown Rock Hill. Let me know if you want the details on how to join.

Bigger Pockets is a good place to find one who knows investor needs.

As a Realtor I would say finding one that is on the same page with you as far as your goals as well as a great connection. You also want to make sure they will work for you in a similar fashion as you would work for them, Meaning if speed is of the essence they need to be on top of everything, if numbers are your game they need to show you numbers. Response rates to issues and questions can range from minutes to days on both ends. Lay out that criteria first how often do you want communication between you and your Realtor (multiple times a day or once a day or 2-3 times a week). Myself I focus on speed and efficiency and will be on the other guy as many times as needed to resolve the issue fast my clients love that persistance. It is a tough job and you get pulled in multiple directions.

good luck

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