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OK, yes i know a lot of the investors on here are divided about whether to get a real estate license! To make this short, my employment situation was one I chose to leave due to some unlawful practices of my employer.  Knowing that my goal was to get into real estate investing, I decided to go ahead and get my license and find employment in the real estate industry.  I am weeks away from joining a firm and working as an agent for my day job.  I decided to make my career goals line up with my personal goals so that they would work together instead of against one another.  I was hoping if any current agents on the forum could share some insight on some key things that they learned upon entering the sales agent field. 

1.   What is your real estate goals

is it to become a super star agent?   or to become a super star investor?  or both?

I am assuming because you are on this site you wish to become a real estate investor and be licensed.    I will tell you if your goal is to do this then find a Broker who is investor friendly.   Find a Broker who is also a real estate investor and doing or has done deals.   

2.  Real Estate is about being ethical.   

There is no such things as business ethics, there is just ethics.   Either you have them or you dont.  Just be honest with yourself and your overall business and you will be fine.

@Aaron Keckley   I have my license joined a team of Realtors while developing my Investing Business also.  So I can't really tell you that it is better or worse but I have already noticed something.  My Realtor team is interested in buying and selling real estate and not in investing.  I think it would be better to join a team that works closely with investors.  However I have been looking for that group for a year and have not found any.  I find several Realtors who work with investors but they do it individually and are not looking to hire anyone.

Good move. Your investing is only going to help you network with more buyers and sellers and your buyers and sellers are all potential investors.

Thanks guys.  I am corresponding with a couple of firms right now.  I will definitely ask them about their relationship to investors.  Good point @Gerald Harris and @Bryan Kipke. I had already determined that I wanted my niche as an agent to be one that works with the investors. It makes sense to find a firm that has the same mindset.

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