Finding a Broker to hang license with

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BP, now that I I'm license I'm having a hard time deciding who or what brokerage I want to hang my license with. I know that I need to call a few brokers and set up an appointment to go in and meet with them and get a feel for the office environment. BP, specifically realtor/real estate agents in Nor-cal/Sacramento County how did you decide what broker to go with once you were licensed?

Also, Is it true that I can gain access to the mls without being  associated with the CAR?

James, when your paperwork to take the exam got processed, did you get a bunch of flyers in the mail from brokerages asking to call you once you passed? I did, and it was all automatically generated, so I'm assuming they send them to everyone. Since you're a new licensee, I'd say hit up the big guys... RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Century 21, etc. I don't have any specific insight in Sacramento, unfortunately.

RE: MLS access: call up your local MLS and ask.


What I found most important when I was under a managing broker is that they understand the kind of deals/clients you do and will let you do your own thing and provide some quality mentorship in the areas you want to focus on.  I left my first brokerage because they didn't want me doing residential deals in addition to commercial ones.  Splits are important too but as long as you're getting value for your money, the cost is justifiable (do they have support staff to assist you on deals, do they provide signs/marketing, etc).

Find one that is the least meddlesome. They all believe their **** doesn't stink and that their cuts are justified though they do little to nothing other than exist to justify it

Danny Simard

I did  received a few flyers from a few brokers I will look in too them and see what they may offer.

I just want to go to the one that understands what it is that I want to accomplish. I not looking to be a buyers agents unless they're investor with cash. 


do you still need a broker to hang your license? I am CA BRE broker and looking for licensed agents.

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