What are annual dues for a realtor in Columbus Ohio (Franklin County)?

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I'm looking at getting my RE (sales?) license in Columbus ohio. My goal is to get the broker license to build my RE company.  Starting out, what are the annual dues (mls access and such) for a RE agent? Once you take the courses and pass the exams, how hard is it to find a broker to give you the freedom we need as investors?


Phil & Nevie Cutting

@Philip Cutting hey bud. It's about $2000 for classes, books and the test in Columbus via Hondros. Every year it's costs close to $1100 in fees and renewals. What are your investment goals? [edited]

Hi @Steve Baldwin ,

First, thanks for taking the time to answer my question!  I am looking at Hondro's course(s).  They look pretty good.  


My long term goals are pretty insane :). I've been operating my business from Europe for a few years because my son has been getting intensive therapy here for some injuries he sustained at birth.   We will be coming back to Columbus in June of next year (2015). I'm now getting ready to wind back up my investing machine because I took some time off to focus on the birth of our second son (whoot!). 

My main strategy is buy and hold, but I'm looking to start working in wholesaling, because in the past I've let a lot of deals just drop off when I couldn't keep up with all the leads my marketing efforts were producing.

I have around 20 units (sf, doubles,small multis) in Columbus, and another dozen spread outside of columbus. I want to start doing around 84 to 96 wholesales a year and adding 12 to 24 units per year to my portfolio. I have a small team in Columbus 

My near term Goals:

  • 2015 to June of 2016: 84 (7 or 8 per month) wholesales and adding 12 (one or two per month) buy and hold units per year.
  • 2017 to expand to have a rehab team and start flipping part of that deal flow and expand on the deal flow to properties per year.
  • Open my property management company and Real estate business services (like bookkeeping, payroll and mail processing services) to others rather than just serving my own properties. 

If you are really curious I could outline my 5 year goal, but they are so fluid that it's hard to predict.  My 2015/16 goal might be a little aggressive, but I hope to be within 30% of that goal at a minimum.  

What are your goals? 



Sounds like we have very similar goals!

We are buy and hold investors, but are going to determine the best outcome in a case-by-case manner. Meaning, we would, flip, lease option, wholesale or even sell turn-key, if the numbers make sense.

Do you have a buyers list established? If so, will you please add me to it?

What type of marketing are you using?

Feel free to PM me for the MLS pass.



Hi @Steve Baldwin  

Most of my marketing is direct mail.  I like out of state landlords.  I'm working on learning some internet marketing skills.  It's pretty interesting, but I don't think it'll match the results of good old fashioned snail mail :) for finding sellers, but I think it'll be really strong for working with buyers.

I'm working on the sales funnel for that buyers list and I'll definitely add you to it since you asked :)

Are you part of an investment company/group? I'm evaluating the benefits of joining up with a company or just going it on our own(ish).

Talk Soon,


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