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Currently licensed agent in Indiana and own a flip company. We will do 20-30 houses this year. We are looking for our next market to open up in. So question is any agents work with a company in your market now that is flipping successfully or does your market have foreclosures and potential for a home flipping company?

Hi John,

Are you doing Indianapolis, IN? I see you are a licensed Broker in Indiana.. and I am as well, and I was doing Fix-N-Flip for 3-4 Yrs in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. Just this year, I have cut back on Fix-n-Flips and doing mostly wholesaling now, but the homes I did in did Indianapolis usually worked out pretty well.  Thanks,


I am acquiring properties as a wholesaler for an active flipper in Indianapolis.  A lot of opportunity here.

@John Mathewson   we have a few that flip here in Fort Wayne.  Mostly rentals or lease options for the investors here.  I know of a couple people doing flips, but they aren't doing them on the level you are.  There is opportunity as there is still a lot of deals to be had if you are interested in our market let me know as I'm a broker as well and have done quite a few deals this year for myself and for my investors.  Our company currently manages over 1100 rentals in NE Indiana.

Indianapolis is great, if you can find the home to flip!  Inventory is very low but still out there.  It's been a sellers market for about a year and they are easy to sell once fixed up.

I've had success in some of the surrounding areas as well.

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