Best website for attaining RE License?

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So Cal girl here looking to start working on her real estate license. Wanting to use an online resource for my studying/test prep. Would appreciate company suggestions for those that have gone this route. Thanks!

Try a Google search for "allied schools"  They have an online program this is good and reputation for training real estate agents.   I use to live in the Southern CA area of Ontario, CA.  was practicing real estate in Corona, CA.  I think you will do well.   Hemet/San Jacinto and other surrounding areas will not only present themselves as listing and selling opportunities, it's an area where you can achieve positive cash flow as a real estate investor.

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I used allied and it worked for me.  It was super cheap.  I did the basic package and I think it came out to $300 something.  Make sure to ask for discounts though.  I think they gave me a referral discount that was around $100 off the list price.

Thank you both. I was looking at that program. I will follow up with them.

@Christine Lovett  I used Duane Gomer.  Cheaper than allied with great support.  I passed the exam fairly easily on the first try.  At least price it against allied.  Good luck!

I used only $179.00 online and texts book

I used real estate express.   Worked good enough I guess.  Best thing about them was I knocked out the course in about 1/4 the time it was supposed to take.  I wasn't exactly starting from scratch, though.

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