New Agent Seeking Wisdom- From SE Wisconsin

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As a newly licensed agent in Wisconsin I will start working part time this fall. The only experience I have in real estate, besides the state classes, is my recent purchase of my families first home. I am looking for advice on starting out. What are some mistakes you made when you were new that I should be aware of? How should I honestly disclose my experience to possible clients without discouraging them? What is the best way to gain clients? My initial thoughts are to make my current network of family, friends, co-workers aware of the new gig and hope they bring in enough work. I plan to spend 20 hrs a week on the real estate business. 

Thanks for any insight! I am eager to get started!

@Vincent Lang   welcome to the site!  There are other real estate agents on here from Wisconsin so hopefully they will chime in with some experience.

Hey @Vincent Lang  

I have been licensed either as a salesperson or broker for the last 5 years. Your best bet for starting out is going to be family and friends and then referrals at that point. Most Realtors do all their business from referrals anyway, experienced or not.

Your biggest hurdle may not even be you inexperience but the fact that your part time. Many full time Realtors make it a point to advertise they are full time.  This prompts potential clients to ask the question of all Realtors they speak with.

Thank you for the reply @Sam Erickson and @Dawn Anastasi!

I agree Sam. Although my full-time gig is 3rd shift so my availability is relatively similar to that of a full time agent. 

Is there any common mistakes made by new agents that I should be on guard for?

Thank you for your insight!

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