Where to purchase Open house signs?

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My realtor friend was going to purchase some. 

Where can you find the stand up "Open House" signs. Probably the folding type that you can just stand up.  Also what are prices for custom signs? Looking for inexpensive and durable.  Is there a website?

check out vista print, they have business cards, signs, and other marketing items. It is great and pretty inexpensive i love them. Below is a link to yard signs hope it helps!


You can try BuildASign.com or Oakleysign.com. I would sign up for their emails, as they regularly send out discount codes and sales.

Cool I'll check these out. I could also use some FSBO ones for my flips too.

Any other recommendations are appreciated. Thanks

Also on side note... I'll be ordering some NO DUMPING, NO TRESPASSING signs for some land if anyone has recommendations for thouse.  We have some land that some A-holes keep dumping couches and construction trash on.  It's really getting annoying.  I think they should be metal

Here in Austin you can buy them at the local Realtor board store.  Do they have one like that there?

Dirt Cheap Signs. Google them. 

Thanks guys. 

multiple websites.

Local Realtor board offices usually sell a bunch of useful things. Signs, lockboxes etc

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