Becoming an Agent

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Is a good idea to become a Real Estate Agent before investing in your first property?

Hi @Precious Thompson it doesn't hurt to get your licensed but it isn't necessary. The best thing would be to find an investor who wouldn't mind mentoring you and teaching you the ropes. 

@Precious Thompson I think you should. You'll need to get it sometime, and the earlier the better! 3% commission, MLS access, and more :)

It can help you and the information thats available too is incredible.

100%... It will help tremendously when analyzing offers, clauses.. I learnt in Canada and when I look at offers in the US it is practically the same but jargon is slightly different. Learning about Commercial Real estate and cap rates helped me more than anything..

This is a question we asked ourselves just over a month ago.  The instruction and prep to take the exam, the mentor and team that I joined at Keller-WIlliams Market place in Simi Valley + the added advantage of Bigger Pockets world =PRICELESS!!   

I never imagined that I would gain the knowledge and insight.  Bigger pockets has definitely been an advantage as I have pursued the license.  Plus I now have the opportunity to create a larger income to achieve the end goal of passive investment properties.  

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