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I'm looking into become an agent in Minnesota mainly so I can see more properties faster (and of course save some money on purchases and sales since I plan on investing a fair amount in the next couple years).

Any advice on where is the most cost effective place to study for course one, (and eventually two and three) for Minnesota?

I took in person courses at Kaplan, but it was 90 hours of classroom and took forever.  There are now companies offering the classes online, which for me would have been a huge time saver.

A friend just took them at and said that worked well.

If you want to learn more about regulations, take it in class.

If you want to save time and do it at your own pace, take it online.

I took mine online.

Just make sure you study hard for the exam. I was the only one that passed in my exam room...

I recently got my license. I did some research and it was actually cheaper and less study hours to get my license in WI first then in MN (due to the reciprocity agreement). I used WRA for WI online classes, then took a two weekend class in-person through Kaplan to finish MN requirements. I wasn't planning on doing business in WI, however I've already done business their and I plan to keep both licenses. 



I found that was the cheapest way to get a MN real estate license. It is all online and done at your own pace with a timer to make sure you complete the required time "in" class. It worked well for me, because I'm a fast reader and I remember most of what I read. I would recommend it if you are self-directed and very motivated to get your license.

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