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How should I obtain clients? How do I get a client to trust me with selling their property for them although I have no experience? How to I gain more confidence in representing a buyer or seller? Should I be intimidated to sell multi-million dollar properties?

Sometimes your Brokerage might carry enough credibility to help. For example, if your with REMAX or KW to name a few, they have great support systems and the name to back it up.  If your with a small local Boutique Brokerage, unless they have a solid reputation, you will need to get some referrals.  

What I do is I present my binder to prospective sellers to show them exactly what I will be doing for them from Marketing and paid advetising, etc.....

Good luck


Knowing your product well will enable you to "sound" as though you have experience, to an extent. The saying "fake it till you make it" has played in my head whenever starting a new endeavor. When it comes down to it though I would suggest the honest answer when confronted by how much experience you have gained in said industry.

Getting new clients is always work but if you are transparent in the way you do business, they will be more likely to refer more business to you. Put in the hard work now and build a solid foundation and the business will come. Good luck!

Work with a top producing agent to learn the ropes.  Then you'll have the confidence to go at it on your own.

How should you obtain clients?  Market!  Pick an area you want to farm and send postcards via EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) offering a home seller's guide.  You will get leads.  Then keep following up as much as possible (it could take months and months before a prospect finally decides to list).

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