Steps for Broker License in Illinois - While Working Full Time

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Hi Everyone, 

I've been enjoying the forums and podcasts, though haven't come across any specifics to my situation below:

I live in the Chicagoland area and interested in getting licensed as an agent. I'm planning to continue adding buy-and-hold property as well as helping friends/family on a part-time basis. I'd like to transition into a full time agent after a year or so of part-time work. 

While working full time, I'm trying to identify the best program or method for completing the 90 hour classroom portion. Does anyone have experience with the 75 hour textbook format?

Appreciate any other feedback people have on study material or the best way to complete this given a full work schedule. 


@Bob Hozian  -  Try The Real Estate Institute in Niles.  They do online webinars for the classroom portion and are 2.5 hour time blocks both days and nights.  So you never need to go to the facility until the test.  

Hi @Bob Hozian ,

I recently completed getting my IL broker license a few months ago while working full-time. as well.

I did the 75-hour self study option. I highly recommend it if you need the flexibility to study when you have time on your schedule. Of course that probably also depends on if you are good at self-study and teaching yourself. Some people I know struggle with the discipline needed to do that. 

There is a 2 day webinar that you will have to attend afterwards where you will get some instructor time to ask questions about things that may not be clear as well. They also provide a contact person during your self-study time that you can call if it's needed on a certain subject.

I found the textbook and other  materials pretty comprehensive. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I probably should've added that I went through IAR (Illinois Association of Realtors) for mine.

Thanks both! 

@Matt Overbee  is the link below the home study that you used?

This is what I was leaning towards and then combining that with the 15 hour education that is often offered in a Saturday/Sunday format. 

IAR doesn't have much info available before you purchase this, would you say this actually is 75 hours worth of material to study? I'm trying to gauge how many weeks I would need to give myself to complete this portion.  

I went to the local community college at night while working full time. It seemed to work well with my schedule and enjoyed the face to face conversation.  Good luck to you.

@Bob Hozian  

Yep, that's the one. 

Not sure if 75 hours is accurate, seems like a bit much. It's essentially a pretty hefty text book, with about 25 chapters that you'll jump around through based on the curriculum they tell you to follow. There's also a short commercial book, but I think you only read like a chapter or two from it. 

I would say it took me about a month and a half or so to get through it and start taking the tests. And that was just reading a chapter most weeknights... and skipping a few days here and there. ;)

I think it's well aligned for the state exam. I didn't feel caught off guard by anything when I finally took the test.


I got my license back in 1989.  Took my course work at Oakton Community College.  I have also received licenses in a few other states.  I would recommend that you find the quickest way to get your course work completed online.  They teach to staying legal, but not how to make money.


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