Getting real estate license in NYC Online classes VS in Person.

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Are there any advantages in getting your license online vs in person? From what I was looking at online. It is cheaper to take online classes vs in person. Is there any advantages / disadvantages  for both? Or do all brokers just take you in as long as you have your license.

The New York Real Estate Institute

Has job placement assistance. Will it be worth paying the extra $$$?

Hey Ricardo

It all depends on your objective.   If your goal is to be a real estate agent then you want to be the best agent you can be.   Find local mentorship and go with them and what they recommend.

You are going to be in a different situation though

You are going to be a real estate investor with a real estate license.   

I would tell you this

1.  Take your classes online.   its cheaper and the hours are more flexible

2.  When you become license find an "investor friendly broker"

#2 is a challenge for alot of investor who are licensed.    Unless you have a broker who understands that you want to do real estate deals you may meet with some resistance.    You walk a fine line when you decide to become licensed.    

Full disclosure is the key.   

At the end of the day just be hones and ethical and you will be fine.   

@Ricardo S.  

 In CT we don't have the option to take online classes but believe me if the option were available I would have taken it.  The courses you are taking all revolve around national and state specific legal aspects of becoming a real estate agent.  Unless you think you might have specific questions for the instructor or just prefer classroom instruction, I would go for the online course.  As Gerald mentions, it's going to be much more convenient for you. 

The objective is to get the licensing requirements out of the way as quick as possible to reach your end goal of getting your license.  The course isn't going to teach anything about how to be successful as an agent, just the legal ramifications for the most part.

I would start to interview local brokers in your area to understand what they expect from you and how they feel about your investing goals.  I wouldn't pay for the job placement assistance.  Save your money.   I would just go out and find a broker on your own. 

Best of Luck!


@Jim Lally  

 @Gerald Harris  

Thank you both for the good advice. I'll start looking online for the best online classes and get started in early October. Much love.

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