Solid Peoria IL Real Estate Agents?

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Hi all,

I'm just starting out on my real estate investing journey and I'm hoping some investors more seasoned than I in the Central Illinois area would share their experiences with any real estate agents in the area?  Is there anyone you highly recommend or suggest avoid?  Was anyone just meh?  I'd love to know!  Thanks!

Hey @Zach Nelson  ,

I have bought a couple places in the Peoria, IL area and have used Ryan Blackorby who is a broker for Traders Realty and has an office in East Peoria.  Ryan is an investor himself so he understands what we are looking for when it comes to single families or small 2-4 unit  complexes.  Good Luck and welcome to biggerpockets.

Scott Dixon

Welcome to REI Zach!

I can share my experiences here in Peoria (offline) with you. I have one agent i'm working with right now that seems to be very responsive. While I have not complected any deals with her yet she has gotten back to me within 30 minutes on all communications compared to the days of others I will share with you offline.


Also there is a Peoria, IL REI Meetup tomorrow night if your interested? It will be my first time attending and hope it's worthwhile.


@Zach Nelson  

Welcome to BP. 

I am real estate broker, investor and property manager in Staunton, IL that is about 70 - 80 miles away. There is CCIM designated broker in Peoria, IL. His name is James Grube.

He will be able to assist you since he specializes in income properties.

Hope it helps.

I use Mike VanCleve of traders realty. He seemed to understand my criteria, and he would go to look at houses before showing them to me as to not waste my time with bad ones. 

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