Looking for an agent/realtor in the Baltimore area

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Just starting out and trying to find a realtor in the Baltimore/Maryland area that's investor friendly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

I am part of a Real Estate agent referral network that maybe able to help out.  PM me.


Hello @Chuck Mckay  

Welcome to BP.  I'll be a MD Realtor sometime soon, was a GA Realtor, and am an investor.  What are your goals and interest in RE?

Hello @Paul Danieli My interest is in wholesaling and investment properties. My goals are to provide interested buyers in property deals that make money and sense. I'm currently building my buyers list and I am currently trying to find a realtor that can assist me with listings and comps.

If you are looking to wholesale, I don't think you'll find those on the MLS.

PM me if you want to referral.  There are two agents, that I know well, that know Baltimore City and invest there  -  great to have in your network.

I just closed on my first rental property in Baltimore and had a great experience with my Realtor, Kristin Brillantes. She is extremely investor friendly and knows the Baltimore market well. Feel free to PM me with any questions about her!



Kerri Tkatch with the Chris Cooke team. Especially if you're interested in the nicer neighborhoods - federal hill, canton etc. she owns properties herself.

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