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I am a new investor looking to market to realtors. Does anyone have any best practices they would like to share? I was thinking of starting out with a letter to introduce myself. Thoughts? Any sample letters that have worked? 

@Mike D.  What is the basic message you are sending to get across to these realtors?  Will you not be using a buyers agent?  A little more info as to your goals with these letters would probably help us help you a bit more.

Start off introducing yourself and your letter will end up in the trash.

As John D. said, what is it you're actually trying to do??

Whatever you mail, always include and offer.

I want to let realtors know that I exist and have cash to buy their difficult to sell houses. 

@Mike D.  I don't know that a letter would be the best marketing tool to inform Realtors of your ability to purchase property for cash. I think you'd be better off going to a local investor's association meeting and networking with the agents there to let them know you're a cash buyer. You may also want to reach out to some wholesalers in your area as they're always looking for cash buyers. 

Here is an idea: speak with a few Realtors. You can find their contact info just off of anywhere,, , whatever the site may be, and ask them if they regularly get emails sent to all Realtors. In Las Vegas you can send an email to ALL local Realtors for $15! Find out what service is being used. Contact that service company and send out a flier to ALL Realtors telling them what you do and what you have to offer. I can recommend a company that will design a flier for you for $50-$65. PM me if interested. 

I'm going to go back to "What is the goal here?"

The best way to meet Realtors is to MAKE OFFERS on distressed houses on the MLS. Once they see you as a real buyer, they are eager to tell you about other deals they see popping up on the MLS (or via pocket listings, etc.). I have many agents that send me emails because I bought or made offers on properties they listed.

But really, again, what is the goal?

You could have ONE good relationship with an agent and she could be your watchdog for deals that come on the market & your source for CMAs (comps).  In return, you could refer home sellers to her if they want to list their properties.  That's a meaningful business relationship.  Just getting agents to send you email alerts etc offers only incremental value over having one great agents relationship, and you don't need to send letters to find that.  MAKE OFFERS.

thanks. Dev. 

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