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Hi everyone, I am new to North Carolina, investing and real estate. I am going to have my real estate license by the end of the month, and while I am studying diligently the book of what one can and can't do, I recognize it doesn't tell much about how to be successful at the job of it. I am interested in working with investors, as I plan to build my own fix and flip business simultaneously. What are some strategies that have been successful for you here beginning a career in sales, approaching and successfully working with investors, and establishing long term win-win relationships? I appreciate your advice! Thank you.

Tip to get stated? Only be an agent first! Lot of things you don't know yet, like the pecking order in and the politics of the office. Go in there to learn. Keep your fix and flip plans under wrap, you will have conflicts of interest, not by legal aspects, but by marketing aspects, a flipper may not work with you if you compete with them. Other agents may have "captured clients" you'll be bumping in to them doing other things. Initially, just be an agent and learn the ropes, after a year (maybe sooner) you'll know what's going on and then you can venture out.

First get out in the public and meet people, get referrals, start building a base of persons who can act as a center of influence and refer the public to you. Then start connecting with investors, these folks rent and sell, the public are tenants and buyers, get your consumer first then fit them to the investor (wholesalers get that bass ackwards).

After building investor relationship then go to fix and flips, your investors can be your buyers.

Pay close attention to "net listing" arrangements as a Realtor. Partnering with any owner gets sticky, you can partner on the buy side.

Right now, study and begin you due diligence on brokerage offices, meet other agents and ask if you can attend a sales meeting, you'll meet and greet before you select a broker or one selects you. Try to get an agency that has the best training, your education is only beginning, there is much more on the legal and marketing side in your community, what you're getting now is state requirements then you'll find what is customary in your area.

Good luck :)  

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