Marketing homes prior to listing them?

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We're building new homes in Austin, TX. I'm looking for ideas on marketing new builds before we list them on the MLS. We want to get in front of agents and incent them to look before we list, and possibly bring clients. Their feedback should be helpful in pricing the listings.

Here are some things we're looking at currently:

We'll have a new website up soon with each current property having it's own page, including new builds close to completion but not yet listed.

Postlets prior to listing, noting availability dates.

Email blasts to our agent database with "coming soon" etc.

Signs on the properties.

What are you doing to market properties before you're ready to list?

Hey Jon,

Something that's popular with developers around here is an agent open house day. You can provide lunch and a couple of $100 gift cards or something as an incentive for the agents to show up. Then do a walk through of a couple models and maybe a walking tour of the development site. 

The way to get the word out would be contacting the office managers of some of the larger firms in the area and asking if they will send your invitation out to their agent contact list.

You could also contact your local association of Realtors and ask about advertising costs to post it on their front-page. The MLS system we use in central VA has a pop up every time you log into MLS with certain special events announcements and such. Depends on which client your local association uses though.

We have about 240 agents in our company and I get agent open invites a couple times per week. Usually a pretty good turnout and it's good point of difference for the agents that show up to be "in the know" on a hot new development.

Good luck with it!

Great post @Jon Klaus  - You are obviously an expert marketer that has a great foundation in place.  It's cool to see how others can build on that with their suggestions.  This is what I really enjoy about BP - reading these interesting discussions and getting ideas!

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