Taking License exam in two weeks

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Hi taking license exam in two weeks and would like to know is anyone in Tampa Bay area doing the same or having just taking it. Would like to get together to study or exchange information. Also to discuss companies to work for interviewed with a couple. Unfortunately they're geared more towards traditional agent services. Realizing I'm more suited for the path of being an investor agent. Always willing to share what I do know and learn what I don't. So if in the area reach out if not reach too.

hey Daniel, 

I am more than happy to help you study. Feel free give me a call. 

I am rather partial to Keller Williams, especially for new agents, especially those that also want to be investors and have additional incime streams.  


@Daniel K Adderly  Good luck Daniel,  I agree with @Doug Merriott  .  Kw has some great resources and some very independant and aggressive agents and trainers in the TB area.  I'm happy to help in whatever way I can.  I've got a pretty strong network in the area and can make some introductions to you for study resources.  Love to hook up with both you guys locally.


Wishing you the best of luck Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Dave Foster    @Doug Merriott  Thank I'm gonna call my local KW office tomorrow to set up an interview and give both of you a call this week.

@Nicole Wilson  I haven't forgot about you just figure its best if I finish this first.

I will be at Larry Harbolt's meeting this evening @Dave Foster  and @Daniel K Adderly  

I look forward to meeting you. Daniel, this can give you a good opportunity to meet with other investor agents in the area.

I actually just attended a KW real estate career seminar it was very informative. I myself will be getting licensed and have a new found passion with investing/creating wealth and getting out the rat race. KW seems to have their finger on something. Helping novice agents generate leads and build systems. I think KW mixed with a motivated passion can take you very far. GOOD LUCK hope to see you around. :) 

Read The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller. I'm in the process of studying and taking my exam as well. Met with KW here in Houston and I love their philosophy, vision and energy at this particular market center. Good luck on your exam and cheers to your new career!

The office has already let me sit in on some of their training classes to get a head start and their commission split is very favorable to agents. 

@Jeff Prudon  Is that KW office big on Mike Ferry actually gave me his "Building a successful Real Estate Sales Career" at the interview it has a lot of good information.

@Daniel K Adderly not sure if that KW office is big on Mike Ferry. I actually haven't heard of him or his book, but I'll check it out. Thanks!

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