Is a good idea to contact a broker before I get my license?

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I have decided to get my real estate license, but the pre-licensing classes don't start for another 2 1/2 weeks.  If I'm being realistic, I probably won't be able to sit for the exam until December.  Does anyone think that it is a good idea to contact some brokers now to  inquire about part-time opportunities? 

curious about this too as i will soon start online classes for my real estate exam.  I just decided to do it and have not looked into who I will hand over my earnings to.  

Awesome question!  I'm an Investing Broker myself.  Personally, I think it's a great idea to talk to any potential companies that you may be interested in prior to getting your license activated.  

It's never a bad idea to get a feel for the offices, and the people.  Generally, the broker in charge or the manager is available during normal business hours.  Simply stop by, inquire with the door staff (think about it this way, how they treat you, is how they will treat your customers!) and see if you could set an appointment to meet with the broker in charge.

When you meet with them, simply introduce yourself and tell them a little about your going to school.  They will generally set up a time to show you around and help you feel comfortable about their training and their people, culture, etc.   

It is entirely different than what you may be used to.  You are an independent contractor, not an employee.  Therefore, the Broker is looking to employ YOU.  Not the other way around.  I wrote an article about "How To Choose An Investor Friendly Real Estate Company" back in July on my blog.  Check it out and let me know if it helps!!

Congrats btw!

My interest in going this route is on several levels.  First and foremost, I have had little success and mostly frustration in working with Realtors in my area.  I only found one that was in tune with my investor needs and he moved several years back.  The rest are the basic, I don't know, I just want a quick commission, here is the kitchen, this is a bathroom...please make my job easy and offer full price.  So....I have been beaten into submission and decided to become one for no other reason than to avoid using them.  I will be able to do my own work, comps, see houses when I want etc.

Second, I am gradually packing my golden parachute.  I will be unemployed someday....hopefully I decide when, but most likely when my company decides.  I want plan B up and at least running a little in case that day is sooner than later.  Besides, I plan on buying more and more properties so why not get a very small piece of the action.

Finally, now that I am a buy and hold investor that seems to enjoy the property management side of things, I want to manage rentals for others.  To play by the rules, I need to be a realtor under a broker that does that, or in my case be a realtor for 2 years so i can become a broker and do it for myself.

Outside of that...I love real estate.

@Sherry Morris ABSOLUTELY! It shows you are committed and want to do work! Make sure that you keep your goal in mind of what you want to accomplish as a Broker. If you want to help first time home buyers, then pick a brokerage that specializes in that or has al lot of brokers doing business with those kinds of folks. If you want to be an investor broker, then same thing, find a brokerage that has successful investors ACTUALLY doing business and ask them to prove it via MLS. Get that money, good luck!

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