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@James Peoples  a few of my RE professors swore by it. That and passing out your RE card constantly. It's sort of like carpet bombing marketing. At this point in your career you might now have enough brand power to live off of referrals only so you need to prime the pump with marketing.

Realtors in my neighboorhood print out market statistics about the immediate area and drop them off door to door. It adds value and it keeps their names in the minds of potential sellers.

Also, what area do you cover? Do you cover west oak park?

Happy Hunting. 

Originally posted by @James Peoples :

 A lot of top producers in Toronto do it all the time. Cold Calling a whole lot more. Keep in mind it is not for everyone. You need some thick skin to do this and serious skill that you are worth what you earn and stick with your 6% commission and not a % lower..

The ones that I know practice everyday with their scripts with other agents. Their net is so high as $0 goes to advertising.. All those big shots on flyers, buses, benches, post boards etc.. burn 25% of their commission. 

Prospecting the old school way should be the way to go but in general people want the easy way out..

James, nice web page...

Strangers meeting strangers

I feel I need to expand my ways on how to get real estate and different techniques I could use to invest in property. I've been reading up on pre foreclosure and feel this is another way I may be able to look into buying real estate. I feel knocking on peoples doors after I have gathered information is a scary but good idea people use. I was just wondering, is there any techniques in how I should door knock? Or any good scripts I could use to guide me through a conversation if the owner answers the door?  

if I was to door knock, I would farm a particular area, and partner with a local loan officer and produce cards and flyers with the citys name on the material. go around like your running for mayor, and introduce yourself as the neighborhood realtor and loan officer that specializes in just that area.  and farm that area over and over, no high pressure sales talk, just build your relationship with the community.

Hey guys, let me weigh in here. 

I have a client who ONLY door knocks up here in Edmonton Canada. He did 61 deals last year. The guy is a monster. However I really see no need to door knock. 

Understand prospects do not want to be sold. Neither do you. They will not hear what you are saying unless you tell them what they want to know.

Prospecting bleeds you emotionally. So we decide that we need to do some marketing to promote ourselves. So we do some image advertising...

We learn real fast that image advertising bleeds us financially. It is expensive to image advertise and it does not generate the calls we need. Why? I believe there are two reasons:

1. the average person is exposed to hundreds of sales messages per day. In order to not have an aneurysm, we block them out. Don't you?

2. Same old boasts. If everyone is saying the same thing, how can the customer choose? He can't. He thinks we are all the same. Like the dry cleaners. Doesn't really matter which one you go to because they all seem the same.

So, we know prospecting is not fun, and takes up too much time. We know that image advertising is expensive and ineffective, so what choices are you left with?

One day I had a secret discovery: Offer prospects something they want, and make it easy and non threatening to get it.

Remember, they don't care about you, they care about them. WIFM.

So what do they want?

Well first, lets redefine marketing. The myth that is killing you is thinking that the purpose of marketing is to promote yourself. The purpose of marketing is not to promote yourself. It is to attract prospects.

The Purpose Of Marketing Is To Attract Prospects

You attract them with effective marketing which simply baits them with something they want, so they call you to get it.

Understand that the decision to buy or sell is a process. They don't jump out of bed ready to sell. It's a process. They have various questions along their buying cycle. So if we can offer them information that answers those questions, then we have essentially helped them in advance. 

See 47:00 in

Watch that and be blown away by how cool this new way of getting leads is. You'll smack yourself on the forehead and wonder why you haven't been doing it. And you will also think back and notice that some of your competitors are already doing it.. 

Hope this helps!


Oh yeah, I wrote an entire book on exactly how to eliminate knocking and all of that grunt work prospecting. Check out my signature. It's free :)

I just finished reading this last reply from @Mitchell Miller when offering something such as incentive. What are some examples? Pretty intersted in this youtube link as well. 

I did in CA

@Lana Sha Greatest lead generator ever. Door knocking will get you lots of doors slammed in your face but it will also give you the most leads if you're good at selling and being nice to people.

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