Claim your domain name today!

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Today is the day - the first 500k agents who sign up for a new .realtor domain get it free for one year! (a $39.95 value) If you are an NAR member go to to sign up for your free domain :)

I meant to do it earlier (the free domains started at 11 am EST today) but forgot and missed out on :(  

Thanks Sam & Heather Jones !!

I didn't know about the free registration. I ended up getting my name a few minutes ago and it was still free. All those years of people spelling Jon with an "H" finally paid off when I was able to get registered tonight. :)

Thanks again!

I got www.JamesWise.Realtor for free earlier today.

Looks like all the free ones are gone.

I have mixed feelings about the new extensions.  But... can't beat free!

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