How to Pick Up New Clients??

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I have just started my own full service Real Estate Firm, Castle Gate Real Estate Group in Concord, NC, that's specializing in Property Management and wanted information on ways to pick up more/new clients that are owners. I've noticed that tenants are the easy part; I just need more inventory. Any suggestions???

Direct Marketing.

Read:  The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan Kennedy.

Have a strong online presence: Webpage, Yelp, Angie's List, etc... When I was looking for a property manger for my properties, I only looked at the first two Google pages, and judged them by the content and clarity of their webpage.  

 Real estate agents need a marketing plan in order to acquire clients. They also need to let everyone in their circle -- family, friends, business contacts, neighbors -- know that they are in real estate and are seeking referrals. Finding a mentor, perhaps a top producer in your real estate office, can help new real estate agents learn the ropes more quickly.

Learn to market your services online or in person. Advertisements can help you and a website to reach wide audience. You need to go to where the buyers are - i.e. renters because eventually they are going to buy. Try marketing to apartment dwellers. Do you have friends that live in apartment complexes? If so you could maybe do a workshop onsite in the apartment clubhouse. 

Do open houses, if none in your office, do them for agents in other offices if you are part of a national or regional company. 

Create a buyers list by marketing yourself. Make phone calls, write E-mail and contact every people you know and RE/Companies investors, contact Business owners, Banks, Requesting REOs properties and place ads every were let every one know that you have buyer or sellers, business to offer.

Be knowledgeable about the you business and about the market that you are in, keep your self inform about the news and updates in today’s market and go for it be positive you can do it too. 

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