How Many Investors Use Flat Fee MLS Brokers?

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Just curious how many other investors use the flat fee brokers, who charge a flat fee to list on the MLS and then step away.

I've been using one of these brokers for a while now, and it's great. I always offer the selling agent 2.5%, which is typical in my area, so I don't miss out on any showings.

I recently left the brokerage I where I was a broker associate in order to become a standalone broker, so soon I'll be able to list for free. I imagine my investor friends will start asking me to list their properties for a flat fee as well.

I recently started using flat fee brokers. I learned the ropes and paperwork associated with selling a property with the realtor I worked with.  Avoids the frustration of realtor not getting back to me in a timely manner, and everything that goes along with said relationship. Obviously you can save money, and I actually like gathering sales leads from the showings I do personally. I intend on still throwing my realtor a bone every now and then so I can have direct access to local mls, as far as comps and new and reduced listings. He knows I use a flat fee broker for my less expensive listings, and I dont think he sees the writing on the walls. I mainly pursued flat fee brokers since I honestly didnt see much more value that my realtor could bring to the table than I could myself.

@Dan G.  

I definitely agree. The Realtors listing our properties weren't bringing enough value to the table to justify the thousands of dollars they were getting paid. If you know the business, it's a no brainer to handle the listing side of the transaction yourself. The buyer's agents show the property and handle mostly everything. You just have to deal with some paperwork.