CA Salesperson Exam is tomorrow!!

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As the title states, my salesperson exam is tomorrow morning at the Sacramento location. Not sure if I'm ready..

How do you know if your ready? I'm a bit nervous. I've been studying John Henderson's material. I have his salesperson exam prep book and the audios that go along with it.

His book provides 4 practice exams that are 150 questions each, and one bonus exam that is 115 questions. On the 4 practice exams I am scoring over 80%. Haven't taken the bonus exam since last night due to it only being 115 questions, not like the real exam. I missed 30 out of 115, which gave me a score of 73.9%. My questions is, how many of you have studied John Henderson's material? Were the 4 practice exams sufficient to pass the state exam? With or without the audios that go with the study material.

Feel like I might need some more study time since I missed 30 on only 115 questions. Really wanna pass this already. Hoping I can get some good feedback from all of you. Thank you in advance!

Good luck on your exam!!!

I am hoping to take mine next month.

Thank you, and the same to you!

@Daniel K Adderly 

Thank you! A score of 70% is passing in CA. I know I'm scoring more than that on the practice exams, but I'm not sure if I've covered enough practice questions.

You should be fine. I studied half-hazardly for a week leading up to the test.  I forgot what study materials I used, but I didn't feel prepared either and I finished the test (and passed) in well under an hour. Do the best you can today, rest up, and knock it out of the park tomorrow!

@Jordan Sizelove  You're gonna kill it.  I used that exact same exam practice guide earlier this year and the test was way easier than the practice exams.  Furthermore many of the questions I encountered on the real exam were straight out of the practice exam.  Good luck!

That's what I needed to hear guys! Thank you for the reassurance! I'm gonna knock this outta the park! 

Rock it, Jordan!!!

Know one is ever ready, for anything, you just got to go with your gut.

I remember I was really nervous... I failed both tests.  Then, studied harder, and past both tests the second time around.  Just be determined to succeed!

Thanks David! Gonna go for it and give my all! Ill let you all know the good news when I pass!

Hi Jordan,

Congratulations on taking action to get your license.  You are prepared and will pass the exam!  The practice exams that you have been taking and passing above 70% is an excellent indication that you are adequately prepared to pass the state exam.  

You asked, "How do you know if you are ready?"  You know because you have studied and passed the practice exams.  

If you have to be nervous, use that nervous energy to tell yourself how prepared and ready you are to take and pass the exam.  Use all the time you are given during the exam and do not hurry to finish quickly.  The person that finishes a 3 hour exam in under an hour probably will return another day to take retake the exam.

The BP community is cheering you on, and you must cheer for yourself too.  Good luck, and be sure to let us know when you receive the good news!

@Jordan Sizelove  

Don't worry about it too much you'll do fine. Just get a good night's rest and allow yourself ample time in the morning to get ready and get to the testing site. Read each question carefully and don't over think it. You know the material you will pass.

Thank you for all of the feedback! I am feeling more confident now. I will report back with my results.

Good luck! You got this!

I'm an official CA RE Salesperson!! I passed it!! Thanks for all the support!!


Thank you, thank you! Time to get to work!

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