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Howdy all,

Context for my questions

With Houston so hot, I am looking at other parts of the state to market to for wholesale and flips.  To decide where, I would like to look at one main factor - Days on Market (DOM).  

The thought is that in Houston, if you need to sell, just discount and sell for more than a wholesalers cash offer because the DOM is low and it will sell.  However if the DOM is high, and you need to sell now, then a cash offer bring more value to the seller at a price that makes sense for the investor too.

My Question is: 

Is there a way to look at a spreadsheet of neighborhoods in the state of Texas and filter by average days on market?

A bonus would be to sort by bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size etc, but the DOM is the main thing I am looking for.

I am a realtor and have access to the Harris County MLS, but would like to explore the neighboring markets as well.

Is your MLS using the Matrix system? If so, on the quick search screen, down at the very bottom, there is an "Add Fields" button. When you click on it, all kinds of criteria comes up alphabetically, including DOM and CDOM. Click on those and it will add that as an additional search criteria at the bottom of the page. Use it alone or with other default criteria. Happy hunting. :)

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